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How can you launch AIM Express

America’s most popular IM service provider, AIM is leading the way when it comes to offering web based IM experience. Soon, becoming the world’s most popular web based IM client, the new AIM Express is all set to offer an enriching IM experience like never before. The greatest advantage of AIM Express is the least hassle involved in its downloading. It has come us a boon for all those users who face IT and network restrictions (as in schools, workplace or any public computer) and therefore are unable to download AIM.

AIM Express runs in a pop-up browser window. It is ideal for those who are either unable or to install a standalone application. AIM Express is helpful for those also who lack the AIM application on their computers. It is very much similar to Yahoo! Web messenger and MSN web messenger.

Launching AIM Express is very easy. You just need to visit the AIM website and select the “Launch Now” button under the AIM Express promotional field. This will open the AIM Express IM Client window. You will then need to enter your AIM screen name and password. Then click “Sign In” and you are done.

AIM Express Sign-In

Another interesting feature of AIM Express is that it allows the users to chat with their AIM buddies without appearing as online on AIM. This is called the option to sign in as “invisible”. It also gives you the option to allow messenger to save your password for easy and quick sign-in to AIM Express later.

As soon as you sign in to AIM Express, you will have your AIM Buddy list right in front of you. Continue to use AIM Express as you would normally used the AIM IM client.

AIM Express Screen

It is important to note that although AIM Express supports many of the standard features included in the stand-alone client, it does not provide advanced features like file transfer, audio chat, video conferencing, or buddy info.

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