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AIM Pro: The New Age Instant Messenger

AIM Pro is an instant messaging service that is especially designed to suit your business or professional needs. With AIM Pro, entrepreneurs can make enhanced voice and video conference calls and manage their meetings more efficiently. In addition, AIM Pro allows users to share files on desktops. Entrepreneurs interested in availing the services of AIM Pro can easily download the application and enjoy instant messaging, video conferencing and net meeting like never before.

This instant messaging program is available to everyone irrespective of whether one is a subscriber of AOL or AIM. Anyone can use the AIM Pro. In addition, present AIM users can import their AIM buddy list to the new AIM Pro contact list for convenience. If you are using an existing screen name then your buddy list will get imported automatically.

Advanced Features of AIM Pro

AIM Pro is integrated with the Microsoft Outlook Calendar. Get the Microsoft Outlook client installed on your personal computer and see the Outlook meetings and appointments on the AIM Pro calendar.

AIM Pro allows for desktop sharing. Now you can show your entire desktop, including open applications and files to your friends and business partners. You can share file directories, windows and applications with your guests as well.

Quick Contacts feature is of great use when your usual circle of professional interaction widens and you need to include new members from other teams or departments. Quick Contacts facilitates quick search of new contacts on the address book.

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