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How to Change Your AIM Theme

It is human nature to get bored by repetitiveness. This is the reason why variety is called the spice of life. This is the reason why fashion changes. People's choice of food, clothes, music changes with time. The only thing unchangeable in the world is "change" itself.

It is therefore perfectly understandable that people would get bored with their AIM theme as well, particularly because more and more people are today spending most of their time on messenger. They would therefore be exposed to the same theme more often. This obviously would lead to boredom and they would seek to change their AIM theme.

Now the question is change can you change the AIM theme. Well, it is very simple. All that is required is to go to the setting option which would lead to a plethora of themes. Just click on the theme that appeals the most and you can replace your old theme with the brand new one.

To change your AIM theme, you first need to access the AIM theme panel. This is easy. Click the four window pane, and a drop-down menu of color and pattern swatches will appear. This panel allows you to customize your AIM experience in rich color. .It is always advisable to click each swatch to test the theme. You can stop when you have found your preferred theme.

AOL Messenger Theme Screen

If you are not finding your preferred theme for your AIM 7 IM windows and Buddy List, do not feel disheartened. This is because you can create your own AIM theme colors using the “More Colors” link under the AIM theme panel. Once you have the “More Colors” menu in front of you, you can edit and create your own theme color by clicking “Define Custom Colors” button.

Enjoy having a blast with your favorite theme colors!

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