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How to uninstall Bonus Smileys for AOL Instant Messenger

If you no longer want to use Smiley Cental, you can easily uninstall it from you computer. First you need to disable it on the AOL Instant Messenger

1. To Disable Smiley Central on your AOL Instant Messenger, click the tool icon on the toolbar and click on Eneable / Disable Features.
Run SmileyCentral setup file to uninstall smileys for AOL Instant Messenger
This will open a web page in your browser with the list of programs. You need to uncheck the box besides the AOL Instant Messenger and all the programs that you have previously enabled Smiley Central on and then click Save Changes.

2. Click on the Windows Start Menu and open Control Panel. Then double-click on the Add/Remove Programs. Find My Web Search (Smiley Central) in the list of programs and lick Change/Remove.
Remove Smileycentral from your system

3. You will see a following prompt and click OK.
Finish uninstalling smileys for your AOL Instant Messenger

4. Restart your computer to complete the uninstallation of SmileyCentral.

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