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MSN Vs ICQ Vs Yahoo Vs AOL Messenger: Which is better?

MSN Plus, the new age messaging service from MSN, is an intelligent blend of mobile phone technology with the World Wide Web. With the all new MSN Plus at your hand, you can now organize your chat in different tabs within a single window, making it is much easier for you to navigate between different chats and enjoy instant messaging with many friends at a time.

MSN Chat Window

Yet another interesting feature of the MSN Plus is the QuickTexts. The QuickTexts allows you to draft a shortcut phrase for entering a much longer message. For example one can set the phrase 'aaa' for entering the message 'call me'. This particular feature has made IM a child's play.

MSN Quick Text

The custom sound feature completes the MSN Plus. It works along the same lines as QuickTexts. As a MSN Plus user, you can now add sounds to your conversations without accompanying visuals. With Messenger Plus, you can view everything – your contact sign-ins, sign outs, status changes, display name and personal messages change… and so on instantly. That is not all; you can also archive them in XML files to refer to them in future. This all new event viewer and logging feature allows the user to manage contacts and conversations better. Download MSN Messenger and try it yourself.

MSN Event Viewer

The popular instant messaging computer program, ICQ, is in no way less than any other IM software. The first version of the ICQ was made public in the year 1996 and now recently, in Jan 19, 2010, they have launched the all new ICQ 7.0. It provides more emoticons than before (also more than other messengers) to make conversations genuine and also provides a translator so that you can transcribe your messages from one language to another in no time. However, the most exciting feature of this new version from the users’ point of view is that you can now get friend’s feeds from your favorite social networks directly to your ICQ by simply clicking the “Feeds from Friends” tab on your contact list. Isn’t it simply great?

ICQ Main Window

Like other instant messaging services, the ICQ 7.0 now allows you to see who has replied to your online activity, or who has liked your updates or who has commented to your recently made updates. All this will be right there on your personal box in your ICQ under ‘My Box’ tab.

ICQ Notifications Window

The ICQ also deals firmly with forgotten passwords issues. Those, who feel uncomfortable while typing strings of characters to insert a smiley can now use EHQ program. The EHQ stands for ICQ Emotion HotKey. With the help of HotKey combinations, now you can more conveniently insert interesting emoticons as well as preset text messages.

Picture sharing has become lot more fun with ICQ 7.0. You can now drag and drop many of your pictures, all at once, into the ICQ Message Window and send them to your friends

Download ICQ Messenger and try it yourself.

ICQ Pictures functionality

The recently launched Yahoo Messenger 10 is also equipped with many interesting features aimed to enrich the user’s experience. It has added fun element by giving sound to the smileys. The most notable feature however is its video service which has turned messaging into conference calling. This is where Yahoo scores over its competitors. You can now embed your own video on a smaller preview screen. The two videos (one yours and the other that of your friend you are chatting with) can be set side-by-side. The feature also enables full screen video chatting. The high quality video calls will make chatting - a great experience. To get started, click the new “Video Call” button in the IM window.

Yahoo Messenger Video Chat window

With Yahoo Messenger 10, you can not only download custom smiley emoticons, but also customize and create them to better express your emotions to your online friends. You can now use New Y! Updates tab to see your friends’ updates on Twitter, Flickr, News story, Netflix, ratings on Y!Music, and many more.

Download Yahoo Messenger and try it yourself.

AIM Pro, the instant messaging service from AOL, has revolutionized the IM world. Designed to suit your business and professional needs, AIM Pro offers both voice and video conference calling. In addition, users can share files on desktops with their friends. When integrated with Microsoft Outlook Calendar, AIM Pro displays the Outlook meetings and appointments and thus make it easy to manage your schedule. Its Quick Contact feature is of immense value when one needs to add new friends. This feature also facilitates quick search for new persons on the address book.

Download AOL Messenger and try it yourself.

MSN Plus, ICQ 7.0, Yahoo Voice Chat and AIM Pro are the messenger services for the new generations, who want everything in lightning speed. With their cutting edge technology and latest features, these instant messaging services have made chatting fun. For business owners, these provide a useful tool to share their documents and make successful deals. Everyone today is using one or another instant messaging service but it is certainly difficult to tell which one is the best. Each messaging service is continually upgrading its features to offer everything that their users want for instant messaging.

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