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Advanced Search Options in ICQ 7

One of the advantages of the times we are living in is that it is the age of technology boom. With every passing day a new technology is developed for us. The rate of development however, is such that very soon it becomes old. Indeed, it is technology that pits the modern age into a different light completely than the ages gone by.

In no field does technology makes a greater impact than in the world of Internet. Every passing day brings with it a new innovation which makes one wonder at the possibility of things that can be executed now and the ease with which it can be executed.

Recent such innovation that is creating ripple in the market is the Advanced Search Options on ICQ 7. It has made searching just anything so convenient and easy. Indeed, searching information on the web or contacts directly from ICQ Contact List has now become extremely simple and fast. With ICQ Toolbar, you get the best of the web in one click. Advanced search options offered by the toolbar will make your search experience easier like never before. You can search just anything- emails, maps, top rated videos, and so on.

ICQ Advanced Search Options

With ICQ advanced search options, you can find it all- favorite websites, top rated videos, presentations, images, and so on. You can also use this feature to find your dear and old friends.

ICQ Find Friends menu

With ICQ’s advanced Map Search feature, you can explore the globe. So, whether you simply want to explore new places or planning your next vacation, just click the “Map” button and search for your locations from all over the world.

ICQ Map Search

Now, you don't need to get stuck with a word if you do not know its meaning. Advanced search options on ICQ 7 have been developed with the sole purpose of helping you know more things and that at a lightning speed. Happy searching!

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