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About Mindspark Interactive

Mindspark Interactive are the company behind

When you're looking over a standalone product like, you may be curious about the people behind it. Is this their only project? Have they done other programs in the past? If you like their product, you may be asking these questions because you're interested in using other products from the same brand. The smiling faces behind, Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc., are actually quite a busy bunch! While it may come as no surprise that they make similar social media programs to, such as the popular customizable avatar program Zwinky, they also have a whole suite of websites and even iPhone apps that are familiar to many, even outside of the social media sphere.

Mindspark Interactive Network is backed by its parent company, IAC which stands for InterActiveCorp. It is a famous internet company with over 50 brands across 40 countries headquartered in New York City. Some of its properties include the famous humor site, as well as must-haves for every student doing frantic last-minute homework, and When moving to a new place or even just visiting, chances are you've taken a peek at well-known Mindspark offspring and Insider Pages. With such a wide array of varied products, it's little wonder that Mindspark Interactive Network Inc. has only continued to grow in popularity - sites like are only the tip of the online iceberg.

On many early iPhone commercials, they answered the famous "There's an app for that" tagline with their Urbanspoon application. Those coveting the new iPhone watched as users in the commercial gently shook their iPhone and were presented with a slot machine-like result on the screen that told them where they should eat and how much it would cost. The Urbanspoon is at 9 million downloads and counting, boasting a bustling website full of user restaurant reviews to back up results. Need a partner for a dinner date at your new Urbanspoon find? Browse their sites, OKcupid, and among others to find your potential soul mate online.

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IM Statistics

(2009 data)*:
  • IM has been around since 1993
  • 47 billion instant messages per day sent
  • 2.5 billion registered IM accounts in the world
  • 1 billion active IM users worldwide
  • 255,000 new users subscribe each day
  • 32% of IMs is for business use
  • Over 4.5 billion photos exchanged per year
  • 53 messages per user sent daily
  • 40% of users are on every day
  • 59% of sessions are over 5 minutes
  • 14% of sessions are via voice and/or video
  • 9% of video calls and 13% of voice calls are longer than 1 hour
* Data provided by Pingdom.

Addon Resources

Already itching to install cool add-ons for your instant messengers? Learn about Mindspark's addon SmileyCentral, or the Iminent addon from Iminent SA. Smilies General are another alternative.

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