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MSN Messenger FAQ

Here is a list of the questions and answers from real people.
Feel free to add your question by using the form below, and as soon as it is approved by a moderator and we find an answer, it will be posted here.

name: Julie Jordan
message: Trying to install new Messenger. People want to phone me and say I have the old version. Keep trying and even text for PIN number came back in French so didnt accept. Click on Download and nothing happens. Help please.

Answer: The best option here can be to update Windows and install the updates in your computer. Now download the latest version of Live Messenger and run the set up. This should solve your problem.


name: Jennifer Bentley
message: my cousin downloaded messanger and i can't get it off it keeps on popping up men. I have small kids I need to know how to delete this

Answer: The best thing to do would be to use messenger pop up blocker. Messenger Pop-up Blocker is a free program that blocks 'messenger pop-ups' from appearing on your computer screen.


name: Tom Upright
message: I am unable to uninstall messenger 7.5. It says there is a problem with my patch package. Can you help? I want to install the 8.0 and I can't. Tks.

Answer: Uninstall Windows Messenger 7.5

Click Start > Run. This would lead you to enter the following line:

[code]RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\inf\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove[/code]

Now click OK button to remove Windows Messenger.

Install 8.0 Messenger

To start with click on ‘Get Messenger and stay in touch’

Then click get it free option

Now a box would appear with three options, "Run", "Save" or "Cancel"

If you wish to automatically open the windows messenger set up, click "run" and wait for the squares to fill the white field

A wizard called windows messenger set up should appear. When it does, select your options, and it will start installing windows live messenger on your computer. You are ready to chat!


name: ron
message: why does it say my password is wrong the very first time i put it in????

Answer: Turn off your computer then turn it on and keep clicking F8 'till a beep is heard. A menu will come up. Click Safe Mode and log on as administrator and then change your password. This should solve the problem. If not, please use the “forgot password” feature and the system should reset and email you your new password.


name: ruby

Answer: The "forget password" feature would/should send an email to you (as the owner) with the password in it, or a link to where you can change it. And, if they don't then the secret questions they ask should help you get to that reset screen.


name: ruth
message: How much does it cost to use???? In other words is it all free????RSVP

Answer:  It won’t cost you anything to download the software and use it, but if you are using Messenger to send messages to mobile customers, it WILL cost the person receiving or looking at the text message on their cell phone. If that person has unlimited texts then it won’t cost him either.


Name: Andrea Mcmurrough
Message: how do I change my windows live messenger password???

Answer: Changing your windows live messenger password is very simple. First sign in to your Windows Live Messenger and open your email account. Once the mailbox opens, you need to select “options” from the upper right corner of your screen. Go to “Manage your account” section and select "View and edit your personal information". This will display your personal information along with the section "Password reset information". Click on "Change" written next to "Password”. Another window will pop up and will prompt you to enter your current password and to type in your new one. You will also have to retype the new password for confirmation. Now click “save”. Your password has been successfully changed. If you want to change your password quite frequently, check the box that says, “Make my password expire every 72 days".


Name: Romana
Message: I have old version of MSN messenger, your icon keeps reminding me to upgrade to new free version...for some reason I am not able to..can you please direct me to an icon to download your free version ONLY...

Answer: The latest version of Windows Live Messenger, previously known as MSN Messenger, can be easily installed. It only requires Windows XP or above. This new version, Messenger Plus! Live is compatible with Windows Live Messenger 8.0 to 14.0 (2009) and can be installed on 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows XP to Windows 7. It is freeware. So, you can use it 100% for free. To download it, you can visit


name: Bev
message: have installed cam to msn. but it doesnt show icon the only thing that shows that i can make a video call and not to share webcam

Answer: Try going to Tools, Options and make sure the box is checked next to "Allow others to see that I have a webcam" option. If that does not work, then try to uninstall and reinstall the camera and MSN Messenger.


name: Preston
message: I have had Windows Live Messenger for years, but yesterday when I try to log in it says 'we cannot log you in to Messenger.And shows my ID and when I type in my password it says wrong password & it's the one I have been using all along. It's just as if I no longer have Messenger.

Answer: First try to ensure that your CAPS lock is off and you enter your password correctly. If that does not work, try to reset your password at


name: Shelly
message: I do not want a live messenger acct. and do not want to be contacted with it popping up on my screen all the time. How can I cancel it completely?

Answer: please try to uninstall Messenger by following these instructions. In addition, you may wish to cancel your Passport account altogether, which you could do at


name: donna

Answer: It appears you may have fallen victim to a phishing scam and your account has been compromised. You may want to try to recover it at - but otherwise you may have to get a new account and let all your friends know to block your old one.


name: suzanne mullett
message: can i send videos to a friend and if so how?

Answer: You can send video files to your friends using the file transfer feature in your Live Messenger as if it was any other file type (text, picture, etc.), or you could simply start a video chat and show them streaming video from your webcam.


name: Connie Lawrence
message: I don't like the new msn messenger and would like to know how I can get the older version back?

Answer: Please refer to this page for information on previous versions of the software.
However, please keep in mind, that some of them would no longer work and require a mandatory upgrade to the newer version.

Feel free to add your question by using this form, and as soon as it is approved by a moderator and we find an answer, it will be posted here.

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