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MSN Messenger Hotmail Integration and Latest Web IM Features

One of the features of MSN that has created quite a favorable response for itself in the market is mail integration. With the advantages that mail integration brings with it, it really should not come as a surprise that it has gained such popularity with online users.

The major advantage of MSN Mail Integration is that its mail icon automatically updates and lets you know whether you have a new e-mail in Hotmail (and in Windows Live Mail provided you have got it installed). All that you need to do is to click on your mail and read the new messages.

MSN mail integration, without any doubt, has brought great relief for every Internet user. They do not have to stop their work and check whether they have received any mail every now and then. The new system automatically updates the user when he/she receives any fresh mail.

One of the latest offerings of MSN that is creating quite a rave is its Web IM features. With the benefits that online users stand to gain from it, this really should not come as a surprise to anyone.

Remember the days when you had to leave your inbox to chat with your contacts in messenger list? It indeed was frustrating as one had to skip reading his important mails in order to chat with a contact. People were also in dark about who all and how many of their contacts were on line.

Web IM features of MSN has changed all that. Now all that you require to do is sign in to Hotmail with your Windows Live ID, and you can chat with your Messenger contacts without ever leaving your inbox. You can also see who’s on line, read and send e-mail, or have instant conversations - all at one place. No wonder Web IM features of MSN are gaining in popularity with every passing day.

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