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MSN Messenger Plus! Live

MSN Plus is the newest edition of MSN Messenger addons sand has been updated significantly since the previous versions of the program. The first of these features is the ability to use tabs to organize conversations. Similar to the new Internet Explorer and Firefox tabs, each conversation would be in a separate page within a single window. By clicking on the different tabs at the top of the window, a user and switch easily between conversations. Now a user can have many conversations open without taking up his entire desktop with a separate window for each conversation.

The QuickTexts feature allows users to set up a shortcut phrase to enter a much longer message. Now when a user wishes to contact a friend not currently in his friend list he can simply type in one word as a shortcut to a full introduction. So now typing 'brb' could send the message 'be right back.' Along the same lines is the custom sounds feature. This feature allows for a user to add a sound to the conversation without an accompanying visual. The user can upload their own files, and could even record their own voice as a custom sound.

As with the older forms of the messenger, users can create a personalized status complete with an automatic response feature. Added onto that, however, is a timer that allows for the switching of the status message. The new feature allows for much more personalization when it comes to the user's status updates and auto responses. MSN Plus even allows for a user to be signed into multiple accounts simultaneously, opening up many possibilities. Now a user could have a personal account open to talk to friends and have a professional one open for business reasons. The new logging feature will keep track of not only all of the user's conversations but will also record when contacts sign on and off allowing the user to refer back to conversations past or get an idea of when his friends are online.

These features and others allow for much more freedom and customizability in the already strong MSN Messenger program. The new MSN Plus is easier and faster to use, making it one of the best messenger programs available today. If you are looking for a strong, versatile messenger, then MSN Plus has what you need.

MSN Messenger Plus! Live Main Features

Log Search
Messenger Plus! now lets you search straight from the Log Viewer, indexing all your conversations automatically.

Messenger Skinning
Completely change the look of your Messenger windows with easy-to-install skins.

Tabbed Chats
Use a tabbed web browser? why not use the same thing for your conversations? All your chat windows can now be grouped into a better single one. Different positions, different options, this feature is yours to customize.

Quick Texts
Tired of always typing the same thing? Meet quick texts: customizable messages that can be sent with a simple shortcut or typed command. Automatic text replacement can be used for word replacement or filter.

Account Polygamy
Just check a box in the preferences of Messenger Plus! Live and you'll be up and ready for signing-ing into more than one Messenger account at the same time. No need to patch any file or use other Messenger clients anymore!

To donwload MSN Plus Live only - you can click here.

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