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How to uninstall MSN Messenger

Trying to uninstall MSN Messenger can be a little challenging. If you are trying to uninstall it by the usual protocol employed in uninstalling most programs, this method does not work with Windows live messenger. Major obstacles include that it cannot be looked up in the Add/Remove program list. Also the Windows Live messenger available on the startup menu lacks an uninstall option, thereby making it difficult to uninstall the program by traditional methods.

However, you could use “uninstall wizard” to get rid of windows live messenger from your PC. This uninstall Wizard uses an uninstall program to delete all files supporting Windows live messenger. However, it is easier to try uninstalling Windows messenger (Live) manually. You will be required to find and delete all program files, related to the program in your system.

1. Navigate to “My Computer” and Click on “C Drive” and then browse the “Program Files.”

2. Find the files that back windows messenger (Live). These files are usually contained in Windows Live folder.

3. When you find them, highlight them and Click on “Shift + Delete “Button to delete the files.

4. Entering the part of the computer that contains the registry of the Windows Live Messenger program with your PC. In order to open it and search for “Windows live messenger" you will have to go to Regedit.exe file which will bring up a number of keys. All these keys must be deleted.

This short video explains how to uninstall MSN Messenger:

How to disable MSN Messenger

Windows Live Messenger is often already preinstalled with the usual range of Windows operating systems. However, there are many users who still prefer using the other instant messaging software instead of Windows Live Messenger. Users can always disable this messaging software rather than completely uninstalling it from the system, so that restoring the program at any given point of time in future becomes easy.

Steps for Disabling the Windows Live Messenger:

1. Begin with clicking the “Start” menu option or by pressing the Windows button on the keyboard.

2. Click on “Run”. In Windows Vista you need to type ‘Run’ on the Start Search box and then click “Run”.

3. When the run box appears, type "services.msc" on the open textbox, then click "OK". This will take you to open the “Services” window with a list of services.

4. In this list of running windows services, look for "Windows Live Messenger" or "Windows Messenger" and double click on it to disable the Messenger.

5. It will then prompt you to change the startup type in which case you need to click "Disabled" from the drop down menu options.

6. Finally click “Stop” on the Service Status section to disable the Messenger completely and then click "OK" after the service is stopped.

You can also disable automatic start-up of your Windows Messenger with this procedure:

1. Simply sign-in to your Windows Messenger using your username and password.
2. Go to ‘Tools’ and click on ‘Options’, and in options window click on “sign-in”.
3. Then go to “automatically run Windows Live Messenger when I log on to Windows” after signed-in, and check the check mark and un-check the box if it has the mark.
4. Go to “allow automatic sign-in when connected to the internet” option and un-check the box.
5. Finally click ‘Ok’ to exit.

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