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Benefits of Using SmileyCentral™

While there are several programs that function in a similar fashion to SmileyCentral, there are benefits to using it over lesser programs that a user might not be aware of. Smiley Central is easy to download, has a user-friendly design, and has a very large library - literally hundreds of creative smiley faces are at your disposal to add your own personal touch to instant messages, emails, and even blog postings. In addition to the basic smiley faces, which may use different hair color, poses, etc, gives you access to a personalized icon creator, where you can customize your very own smiley with eyes, moths, accessories, and even colors until it looks exactly how you like it.

Smileycentral also comes with a suite of other useful products designed to make your web experience better. Quick links to the Smiley creator and database of different pre-made smileys are only a button click away on the toolbar after installation, allowing the user to seamlessly incorporate the smileys of their choice into whatever they're currently working on. This makes adding your library or custom smileys easy, ensuring that you don't have to open another tab and go hunting for the one you want while leaving your current project behind.

Unlike some programs which provide you with only a bare-bones collection of smileys, you get more than your fair share when you use , and the ability to create your own besides. Overall, you have a great free program that any computer user can enjoy.

SmileyCentral - Fast And Easy To Install

The internet is all about instant gratification - the benefit of living in a digital age is that we can download exactly what we want, almost instantaneously. When you see a fun product like, you naturally want to start exploring the hundreds of free smileys they advertise right away, but may be worried that there's a long download or registration process to tangle with. Smiley Central, however, knows what its users want and has made every effort to streamline the process - it literally takes less than a minute to visit the site, download the program and start using all of your favorite smileys and exciting new ones with no wait time at all!

Once you open the SmileyCentral homepage, you'll see a big "Download Now!" green button, helpfully pointed to by one of Smiley Central's famous smileys. Once you click this button, you'll be prompted to answer "yes" to downloading it. It will then ask you if you'd like to install additional useful programs - if you don't want these, simply uncheck the boxes and you'll breeze through the rest of the download process. It will finish in a matter of moments, after which you restart your browser - you don't even have to turn the computer off - and you'll be enjoying the program immediately.

Please read our detailed write-ups about installation instructions for MSN Messenger and for AOL Messenger.

For uninstalling SmileyCentral, please see this detailed uninstall how-to

Click the smiley button that's now installed on your toolbar and you'll get another special surprise - the ability to make your very own customized smiley to use. Once you set up your own smiley with hair, eyes, hands, feet, and even objects, you can use it for a unique closing to emails or anywhere else you like to leave your mark online.

Toolbar Compatibility

SmileyCentral™ toolbars are compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
and the following browsers:
  • Internet Explorer 7 and up
  • Firefox 3.6 and up.

Certain toolbars are compatible with Google Chrome and Safari (Mac OS 10.5 and up). Chrome and Safari compatibility is being added. If your desired toolbar is not currently compatible with either of these browsers, check back soon.

Is a Safe Site To Use?

Sometimes, interesting programs show up on the scene that would decidedly enhance the online experience - the difficulty is in knowing which ones are safe to use. is a program in this niche; the concept is that you'll receive a number of fun and expressive smiley faces to use in various online social applications, such as talking with your friends, writing on a website, or posting status updates. The question most interested would-be users are asking is about the nature of the program, once it's downloaded - is there spyware or adware, or is it exactly what it says it is: a fun little program to spice up your online interactions?

There are many trustworthy companies that will alert users to safety issues, and both the user-friendly review site Rip Off Report and the McAfee SiteAdvisor computer security database show that is a safe site and program to use. In addition, the download page of the Smiley Central site states that they do not include adware or spyware in their programs - a statement that seems to be verified by Rip Off Report and McAfee's lack of negative notes or cautions on the site and program. Moreover, the company behind SmileyCentral is Mindspark Interactive, which is a large, reputable company.

If there is concern about, having big name security sites like McAfee give it a nod should put fears to rest. Download this fun program and start enjoying your new smiley faces without worry - there will be no adware/no spyware bundled in with your download, and you can uninstall the program at any time if you decide you don't want or need it anymore. You have nothing to lose and hundreds of smileys, icons, and emoticons to gain to "jazz up" your chats, blogs, and social media posts!

Have an opinion about SmileyCentral?

Visit our Addons Forum to leave a comment, write a review or express your opinion about and its products.

User Resources

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IM Statistics

(2009 data)*:
  • IM has been around since 1993
  • 47 billion instant messages per day sent
  • 2.5 billion registered IM accounts in the world
  • 1 billion active IM users worldwide
  • 255,000 new users subscribe each day
  • 32% of IMs is for business use
  • Over 4.5 billion photos exchanged per year
  • 53 messages per user sent daily
  • 40% of users are on every day
  • 59% of sessions are over 5 minutes
  • 14% of sessions are via voice and/or video
  • 9% of video calls and 13% of voice calls are longer than 1 hour
* Data provided by Pingdom.

Addon Resources

Already itching to install cool add-ons for your instant messengers? Learn about Mindspark's addon SmileyCentral, or the Iminent addon from Iminent SA. Smilies General are another alternative.

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