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Smilies General Install

This article is going to show you how to download, install and uninstall the Smilies application. This installation will be handled by an install wizard called InstallIQ. This install manager will handle your entire installation process from start to finish. You can include a wide range of software installation prompts within one installation sequence with this program. If you have any questions about this install manager software, InstallIQ, then don't hesitate to visit their website.

This doesn't have the same look and feel as the Install Shield Wizard more often seen in professional programs. Instead, this install manager has a light blue background that is uncharacteristic of your usual grey uninstall color. This may surprise you but don't be alarmed.

1. Download

Download Smilies General
* Clicking this image starts InstallIQ™, it manages your installation. Learn More

* is distributing modified installers which differ from the originals. The modified installers are compliant with the original software manufacturer’s policies and terms & conditions. Additional software recommendations may be offered to users on an opt-in basis during the installation.

First, click on the download link to start the download. It's a very small file, so expect it to download very quickly. Once it's finished, you simply double click the file and the installation will begin. This brings us to our next section, the Install.

2. Install

Open the executable file smiliesgeneral.exe. This will bring up a prompt box that asks you whether or not you want to Run the file or Cancel. Click Run.

A box will pop up asking you to Accept the start of the installation process. You are also given the option of whether or not to install the InstallIQ Updater, helping to keep your software up to date through connectivity and downloads.

Click on Accept.

You will be asked to install various software programs that enhance the functioning of your computer in some way. This portion of the installation is totally your choice, so it all boils down to figuring out what you need. Just remember you can decline the programs until you reach the page that says:

“Install icon shortcuts on your desktop”

Click on Accept

This will install Icon Shortcuts and Smilies into your PC and completes the installation of the software. You can now use Smilies on your PC as well as any additional software you may have installed along the way. There are lots of situations when they can be put to good use.

For example, maybe you use an instant messenger and want to impress a friend with your new “toy” or maybe you want to use them within browsers, feel free to do whatever works best for you.

3. Uninstall

You can remove the Smilies program at any time through a convenient and included Wise uninstall package.

The uninstall process with the InstallIQ application is nearly the same as the uninstall process with any other uninstall application. It removes the files associated with the program, the program itself and any registry entries made by the initial installation of the program. In order to uninstall the program, you're going to need to open the control panel. This is found across from highlighting the Settings tab on the Start Menu.

Double click Add or Remove Programs and find the program Smilies. Choose to Change/Remove it.

This will bring up another prompt window asking you to click the finish button to complete the uninstallation process. After the process is complete, your browser will pop a window, thanking you for your download of Smilies.

3a. How to restore your default search engine settings:

- Change Default Search Engine in Firefox
In FireFox you can search both using the search box and the address (URL) bar. click the drop down arrow next to the search engine icon and select a search engine (you can see your current default search engine in bold). Firefox will remember your choice and use the selected search engine from now on (until you change it again).

- Change the default search engine of FireFox address bar:

  • Open about:config in Firefox
  • Search for keyword.url from the filter box.
  • Double click on this entry. It will open a dialog where you can edit the ‘keyword.url’ string.
  • Change this string to whatever you want it to be:

- Change Default Search Engine in Google Chrome:
Navigate: Settings (icon) -> Options and click “Manage” next to your “Default search engine“ Select your preferred search engine from the list and click “Make Default” button.

Create your own search provider and make it the default one:
In the same dialog, click “Add” button and there fill in the details:

  • Name: The name for your new default search engine
  • URL: Add the URL of a search result page here.

Change Default Search Engine in Internet Explorer 8

  • In the search bar, find a small arrow to the right of the search icon that looks like a magnifying glass.
  • Click the arrow and then select “Manage search engines”;
  • Select the Search Provider that you like to set as default here.
  • Click on ‘Set as default’ button.

3b. To set your browser's homepage


  • Click the Tools menu tools menu.
  • Select Options.
  • Click the Basics tab.
  • In the 'Home page' section, select the option 'Open this page,' then enter the URL for your desired homepage in the text field.
  • Click the Close button.

Internet Explorer

  • Click the Tools menu.
  • Select Internet Options.
  • Click the General tab.
  • In the 'Home page' section, type URL for your homepage in the text box.
  • Click the OK button.


  • Click the Tools menu.
  • Select Options.
  • Click the General tab.
  • In the 'Startup' section, type URL for the homepage in the text box.
  • Click the OK button

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IM Statistics

(2009 data)*:
  • IM has been around since 1993
  • 47 billion instant messages per day sent
  • 2.5 billion registered IM accounts in the world
  • 1 billion active IM users worldwide
  • 255,000 new users subscribe each day
  • 32% of IMs is for business use
  • Over 4.5 billion photos exchanged per year
  • 53 messages per user sent daily
  • 40% of users are on every day
  • 59% of sessions are over 5 minutes
  • 14% of sessions are via voice and/or video
  • 9% of video calls and 13% of voice calls are longer than 1 hour
* Data provided by Pingdom.

Addon Resources

Already itching to install cool add-ons for your instant messengers? Learn about Mindspark's addon SmileyCentral, or the Iminent addon from Iminent SA. Smilies General are another alternative.

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