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Smilies General Review

Smilies General Software gives you tons and tons of free smilies that you can use in many different ways. You can use them as an icon in MSN messenger or any other messenger service. They include all the different smilies for all the different moods you could be in. From crying to winking all the way to surprised. This is a great app if you have an instant messenger.

This software is one of the best email emoticon software on the market. The software allows you to insert funny smiley faces into email as well as providing email backgrounds. This is a nice piece of software to download. The smileys can be used as messenger smileys, email smiley faces and more. This smiley software is very cool and the smiley face designs are very good quality.

The software has loads of different add-on packs including love smileys, animal smileys and lots more. The program offers a wide variety of original artist-created pictures that are sure to leave no one indifferent. But, you don't have to stop there! You can add into your own smileys, pictures and photos, or collect smileys and pictures from other Internet web-sites.

Smilies General FAQ

a. Does Smilies General attach spyware, malware and viruses to their downloads?
No, absolutely not. Smilies General does not attach malware, spyware, viruses or any type of malicious software to their software downloads. Individuals will be able to download emoticons and animations without fear of their computers being compromised.

b. Where can I use the emoticons and animations included in Smilies General?
The emoticons, animations, mood avatars, winks and symbols available in Smilies General can be used on popular social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook and Myspace. They can also be used with instant messaging programs such as Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, AOL Messenger and WLM. Those looking to use emoticons and animations via email can do so if they have Yahoo, Windows Live/Hotmail, Gmail and AOL.

c. What IM programs are these emoticons compatible with?
Emoticons can be used with the following Instant Messaging programs, WLM, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and AOL Messenger.

d. What email programs can I use these emoticons with?
Emoticons can be used by people with the following email providers, Yahoo, Windows Live/Hotmail, Gmail and AOL.

e. What social networking websites are compatible with Smilies General?
Social networking has become the hottest thing going online. It seems like everyone is a member of at least one social networking website. Communication via these mediums can be a lot of fun but sometimes can come off a bit flat. One way to spice it up is to use emoticons and animations, such as the ones available at The emoticons can be used on Myspace, Twitter and Facebook.

Install, use and Uninstall Smilies General

Learn how to Install, use Smilies General in this article. How to Uninstall Smilies General

User Resources

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IM Statistics

(2009 data)*:
  • IM has been around since 1993
  • 47 billion instant messages per day sent
  • 2.5 billion registered IM accounts in the world
  • 1 billion active IM users worldwide
  • 255,000 new users subscribe each day
  • 32% of IMs is for business use
  • Over 4.5 billion photos exchanged per year
  • 53 messages per user sent daily
  • 40% of users are on every day
  • 59% of sessions are over 5 minutes
  • 14% of sessions are via voice and/or video
  • 9% of video calls and 13% of voice calls are longer than 1 hour
* Data provided by Pingdom.

Addon Resources

Already itching to install cool add-ons for your instant messengers? Learn about Mindspark's addon SmileyCentral, or the Iminent addon from Iminent SA. Smilies General are another alternative.

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